Photography isn't my "real job." Being a photographer, taking photos of models, creating imagery for bands and radio stations is a passion of mine that started because of my real job...Haircare formulation, hair chemistry, marketing superior hair care products and finding ways to make your hair hair grow faster is my real job. Marketing, imagery, photography, branding all have an affinity for one another. 

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HF37 | Hair Formula 37 | Mike Trobee

HF37 (Hair Formula 37) was the result and it changed the hair supplement market forever. Since then there have been thousands of copycat companies the majority of which know little at all about haircare.

Still today, HF37 is the best way to make your hair grow faster 
. It is unsurpassed by any other product, anywhere. We have just launch a new advanced Hair Formula 37 that is unparalleled in providing perfect results for your hair, skin, and nails. There is nothing else like it anywhere. Like this? Then click here and tweet it. (It's and see)

In response, I created, formulated, developed and marketed the first  high quality hair vitamin that would leave all the other hair growth vitamins behind. 

HF37 make your hair grow faster
HF37 | Hair Formula 37 bottle best hair vitamins
HF37 | Hair Formula 37 logo | How you grow your hair faster vitamins


that will rock your socks off

I have worked for Atlantic Records (thanks Zach!) in shooting the Band Shinedown and have literally shot hundreds of bands, national bands and local one also.


Top rated Model Portfolios

Capturing Personalities

With 35 years of photography experience Trobee , has a passion for creating images with personality and holds a B.S. in Marketing Management. If you are an established model in the Memphis area or just entering the field, Trobee can not only create a modeling book that will present a branded image of your individual look, but can also assist you with marketing consultation to accelerate your career.

HF37  |  HAIR  FORMULA  37

Best hair skin and nails vitamins

​Want to  make your hair grow faster ? There are many components that promote faster hair growth. In order to have healthy hair your diet is the key. You are what you eat. HF37 was developed by me in 1995 after hearing daily from one of my "ask the experts" pages the demand and need for a superior hair vitamin. On the "ask the expert" section on , literally thousands of people would ask me, "How do you make your hair grow faster ? I want my hair long now! "

make Your hair grow faster

with hf37  hair vitamin supplements  

I create superior hair growth vitamins such as HF37 hair skin and nail vitamins as well as provide top research to make your hair grow faster. The best hair vitamins are dietary food supplements that do what they say they will do and actually work. 

​You may know me for taking photos of models, bands, and creating graphic design. Those all are possible because of my hair care companies. I hope you can help support them! 

I don’t have a “job” really. I do what I truly enjoy doing. It isn’t work but rather passions that I love...I have a blast every day! I highly recommend “working” that way…you’ll never “work” again. 

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