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I make handmade pens and they are avasilable for purchase at: trobeepens.comor Trobee Pens on  Etsy.

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Photography isn't my "real job." Being a photographer, taking photos of models, creating imagery for bands and radio stations is a passion of mine that started because of my real job...Hair care formulation, hair chemistry, marketing superior hair and nail vitamins and making the best hair growth vitamins is my real job. Marketing, imagery, photography, branding and producing hair vitamins for women all have an affinity for one another. 

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I have worked for Atlantic Records (thanks Zach!) in shooting the Band, Shinedown and have literally shot hundreds of bands, national bands and local one also.

With 35 years of photography experience Trobee , has a passion for creating images with personality and holds a B.B.A. in Marketing Management. If you are an established model in the Memphis area or just entering the field, Trobee can not only create a modeling book that will present a branded image of your individual look, but can also assist you with marketing consultation to accelerate your career. The best place to see my photography is at  or  FLICKR